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Clinical Applications
 •Provides Foundational Supplementation for Overall Health
 • Supports Intestinal and Microbiome Health
 •Supports Healthy Magnesium and Vitamin D Levels
 • Promotes Healthy Immunity
 • Provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Good Nutrition and Healthy Cytokine Production

NuEssentials provides 30 days of supplementation in convenient, once-a-day packets. Each packet provides a daily dose of five NUSPINE CHIROPRACTIC foundational health formulas: Probiotic Formula, Multivitamin Formula without Iron, NuOmega, Optimal Magnesium Formula , and Vitamin D3 2000. These formulas provide high-potency probiotics, an iron-free multiple, omega-3 fatty acids, and extra magnesium and D3.

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